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What we do
Why Join Our MOB Group?

The MOB Nation, founded in 2012, is the leading resource for Mom-Owned Businesses. The MOB Nation group on Inadot is a space for Mom-owned Businesses to connect and collaborate.

Why are we moving from Facebook to Inadot?

Inadot provides us a platform that better suits MOBs needs.  No more fighting with the algorithm or dealing with ads!  Inadot has worked closely with The MOB Nation to create a custom resource for Mom-Owned Businesses to network, learn, and connect.  Find your next referral partner, collaborator, business partner, or friend.

Search the member list by name or industry.  Find forums organized and outlined by topic.  Easily locate the next MOB Meetup or upgrade to Alliance Membership right from the group.

All MOB members receive their first month of Inadot membership free just for being a valued member of our community!

See you in there!

Aria Leighty

Join the MOB Group!
Aria Leighty

CEO/Founder, MOB Nation

"Inadot's unique group features are a game changer! No distractions, better organization and more connections."