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Inadot builds the best creative technology. We take pride in building fully functional world class products. Browse our collection of creative software below.

Creative Technology

Mobile App

Our mobile app is the place for creative personnel! No more distractions, only connections. We provide you a platform where you can easily and quickly connect with other creatives. Our unique and quick filtering process allows you to find exactly who you're looking for in the easiest and fastest manner. No clutter, no distractions, only serious connections.

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Inadot Groups

Inadot brings unique groups! Each group opens unique features making you feel right at home. For example - Join the Hip-Hop group and participate in rap battles, rap over beats, connect with musical creatives, and enter rap contests! Join other groups and unlock specific features made for those groups. All groups bring modern forums, keeping things organized and simple. Engage with group members via live chat, send connection requests to those wanted in your inner circle, and much more!.

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Create your own fully customizable and branded Beatstore in minutes! Our drag & drop system makes it easier and quicker than ever. Stand out with a professional domain and increase sales. No coding experience required!

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Artists use our Rap Camera to discover new beats and connect with talented Beatmakers. Get your beats heard and connect with vetted artists. Easily share rap videos created with your beats to all social media apps/sites.

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Community Builder

Inadot partners with community leaders to create unique and tailored features that members love. We work with you to create the perfect community for your niche. Let's create a long-lasting win-win relationship! Every group on Inadot is uniquely created by our talented programmers. We work with community leaders to design group specific features that members love.

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