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Sell UNLIMITED Beats, Kits, Services and Merch
Are you tired of shared marketplaces? Do you feel your beats are often overlooked due to saturation on other platforms? Our Beatstore builder is the most versatile web builder on the planet. No need to hire a web developer, learn code, etc. It allows you to sell UNLIMITED beats, sound kits, services and products on YOUR own website & mobile app!
SIGN UPFREE site design included!
Sell via Cash App, Stripe and PayPal
Inadot is the only Beatstore platform that supports Cash App checkout! With 1 single tap, your customers can easily, quickly and securely purchase your beats. Alternately, offer multiple checkout methods including PayPal, Stripe and Cash App.
SIGN UPFREE site design included!
Automated SMS & Email Marketing
Move fast with pre-built automations, real-time segmentation, and customizable campaign templates. Reach your customers in the moment when you add SMS & email marketing.
SIGN UPFREE site design included!
Create UNLIMITED Beat Funnels
A beat funnel is a series of stages to guide prospects through the customer journey. The funnel helps you plan and measure efforts to attract, engage, and convert prospects through content and other marketing materials, like landing pages. The Beat funnel is the secret to your Beatstore success.
SIGN UPFREE site design included!
Launch Your Own Mobile App
Inadot is the only Beatstore platform that offers music producers their own mobile app. That's right, your own iOS & Android mobile app. Existing and new customers can download your app on the Google Play & Apple app store. Mobile apps convert 3x more than mobile sites and are the most direct channel to your customers.
SIGN UPFREE site design included!
Advertising Beat Placements
Inadot offers internal and external Beat placement opportunities. Get your beats in film, video games and digital advertisements. Earn royalties by participating in monthly royalty campaigns.
SIGN UPFREE site design included!
Full Feature list
Keep 100% of your sales.
Upload and sell unlimited beats, kits, services and products.
Offer Cash App checkout, PayPal checkout, Debit/Credit card checkout, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Installments.
Licenses are already prebuilt for you. Easily customize them.
Get detailed stats about your Beatstore.
Create percent, fixed and bulk discounts.
Sell your own beat memberships to create passive income.
Easy to use drag & drop Beatstore editor. Change every color, font, text, logo, etc.
Easy integrations with YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, etc..
Create unlimited Beat funnels, landing pages, email templates and automated campaigns.
Launch your own mobile app. Your own iOS & Android mobile app.
Track your beats across the web. See exactly where they were used and who used them.
Submit beats for advertising placements.
Submit beats for royalty campaigns.
Get involved in sync licensing.
Become an affiliate of Inadot and earn 30% monthly recurring revenue.
Connect with music artists using our discovery tools. Filter by age, location, gender, etc..
Upload 60 second beats to our "Rap Camera". Artists create videos (rap battles, challenges and flows) over your beats. These beats are linked to your Beatstore for promo.
Trusted by 3,500+ members
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"Working with Inadot has been a pleasant experience. I can sell beats, services and my merch all in one place. I would highly recommend this service!"
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SIGN UPFREE site design included!
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SIGN UPFREE site design included!